Third Book Coming Up….

heavenWow! 12 years ago – or more- I was trapped in a nightmare publisher that literally took my writing career hostage. Ever since I began to escape from negative things and begin where my life left off, I can now say that my third book is in the review process! I can’t believe that my third book will finally see the light of day- don’t know when- but I’m reading it now. It’s a love story and it’s about a girl. LOL. But I wrote it to help millions of girls -and boys- to see that they are special in every way. This is a moment that I only dreamt of, not thinking that it would ever come and always keeping it in the back of my mind and pretending that it didn’t matter. Rather it sucked the life out of me. In a way, I was keeping my own books hostage. I don’t want to reveal the title of it, but it’s in the ‘happening’ phase. I can’t wait to get all caught up with my past stories so I can start creating new ones- ones that have been in my head for year, and others that are fresh- so I can continue to do what God intended for me to do. When I began this blog I was trapped. Now, I can say that I’m a bestseller. Wow!

Take care.

Let The Fear In….

Well, my second book is completed, launched, advertised and read. Now onto my third book, which is somewhat finished, I guess, but I still have to revise. It’s amazing how sometimes your soul postpones things against your will, and then finally allows you to complete them, in a different way, with much better results than you could have ever anticipated. I was born to be a writer — I didn’t want to be it; I wanted to be a doctor. Oh yes, a doctor. Which bring me to the closing part that my subconscious wants me to write. Fine!

Fear is a great friend. It’s an emotion that stems from another place – God-like- and directs you ironically away from the place it needs for you to go. Listen to it. I know it sucks that it has to feel that way; but fear is a strong emotion, and it knows that about you.


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