Get my book for free in exchange for your honest review 20 days left.

Get my book for free in exchange for your honest review. :)


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New book cover


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Coming Soon…..


Don’t be afraid of seeing the unseen…. Be afraid of the unseen seeing you…

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First One Done- Freedom Getting Closer

th (1)It is done. The first part of my “freedom plan” was to free my books. Scary. So, I bought the rights back from my publisher and republished the first book; Sugar Valley! I’m a free agent! Scary….

Now onto the second. It’s wonderful when I can make the price cheap or free in the start. I mean, when I was published, I was very, very young. And when I saw my book in the Walmart store, back in, hmm, 2002, I was embarrassed that the price tag read $32!!!!

thI remember working so hard to get into Walmart. And when it happened, I did enjoy the moment, but I knew- oh yes- I knew no one in their right mind would fork out $32! Come on, I wouldn’t even fork out that much for a bible! But I went with the motions. Put on a smile, a frozen smile, took photos with it on the Walmart book shelves and just covered up the price with my hand. LMAO!!!! What a journey. I’m sure now the price would be fitting for the Walmart shelves, but one thing at a time. The pieces are coming together. I can feel it in my head. My temples, close to my ears, the pieces are fitting into place; or maybe it’s just an ear ache. LOL.

It’s kind of good, I guess. I don’t think I was ready, at the time, to pitch my second book, “The Wrath of Jeremy” – not really family friendly kind of book. I digress. Oh, I hate people who say that word. I hate people who say “I digress” and people who say, “Question” before they ask the question.

Anyway, first book done and printed and out for all to read and take in and now second on the way so this way I could finally get out the third that I hid from my first publisher; it was legal, they only had dibs on my second work.

God bless Walmart! You’re my boo!!

Take care,


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Some Miracles Do Happen

bestseller Number 2 Bestseller! Last 10/23/2014. Thank you all!!

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The Battle For The Five Star Angels

The writing journey isn’t about perfection on the first try. It’s about telling the story and having people learn from it. When I wrote Sugar Valley, I was just turning 17 years old. The flood gate opened rapidly and out poured a great story with words in-between. It was my duty as a writer to publish it! Don’t ask me why or how I knew. It was an urge from above, that the below constantly put resistant on it. The 5 stars reviews from strangers I love; it makes me know I did the right thing. The one star reviews from #*#*##*#, from people, especially those that received the book for free when I was running the promo, are those that are used to books with regular sentences and can’t seem to grasp poetic and oxymoron symbolism’s. That makes me sad. L But… I asked my professors and others, “Should I change it and take out the extra verbs, to please the 1 star people?” Well –scary – one of them said, “Stephen, I will chop off your hands if you touch it!” (Let me take this opportunity to say that this is the first post, the first moment I said my name!) Breakthrough!!!!ak47cat1502op

No. No. No. I won’t do it. I won’t change it. My style of writing is my own. I, or it, paints a picture that I guide with my fingers and just wait till I press the period button. My guidance system even tells me, “What about the five star people?” Exactly.


What’s funny about these one star people is they all have something in common. “It was a good story.” So, really, they admitted they liked it, but couldn’t follow the style of writing. What?

I have read many BAD books in the past. But I would never give them a bad review. Who the hell are these people and what part of hell did they come from? LMAO!!!

They hide behind a screen-name and think it’s okay to talk evil in every direction. I mean –wow- some of the reviews get down and dirty and after I read them, and think to myself, “I feel so sorry from them, because Karma’s gonna bite them in the butt and I never even knew their names.” LMAO!! But seriously. I hate not having a mean bone in my body. Oh, one of them said something like, “I think Stephen’s been in the Valley too long.” Are you kidding me? No wonder the review page has a “report abuse” button! (I just said my name again!!!!!) :)

homerbrainBottom line is brains are funny. Some brains are used to a style of writing and when the eyes see something different, instead of letting it in, they rule it out as ‘indifferent’ as ‘not know how to write’, when all along, it just wasn’t their cup of tea. For Christ sake, leave the tea alone, instead of telling others not to drink it. Darn it, drink the tea!!! Try it! And if you don’t like it, try another flavor, but don’t ruin it for another whose taste buds crave that flavor of tea. Why the f#@# am I talking about tea now? Now I want some coffee.

I or no other writer, has to admit that they aced English, that they studied other forms of writing vigorously and know exactly what they are doing and how that single word they already interviewed will change the sentence structure when placed delicately in it!

20120519-161624.jpgTo the one stars, “I’m here and I’m not ever leaving. And please, I forgive you and I hope that karma won’t judge you; sincerely. Maybe it would help if you changed your negativity in the review, or upped it a star. But… I’m not in control of your punishment; you are.

thTo the five stars, “I love you all. I know your screen names and wrote them down on a piece of paper and say a prayer over it every night. Corny but true. And yes I included the four stars too. I’m not being bias, but rather I appreciate the fact that you took the time to write a positive review because you liked it, because you understand that poetic style of writing and fight for it by five simple stars… and the four stars. And since you sent something positive out into the galaxy, karma will only deliver positive back to you.” Also, I did hire a professional, expensive editor last month and she revised Sugar Valley, but didn’t change my writing style.

Your gift. Well, take care. I’m almost done revising The Wrath of Jeremy. My birthday’s this Saturday so I’ll just relax. Have a good one….

Stephen :)

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Sugar Valley ( Hollywood’s Darkest Secret )


Sugar Valley ( Hollywood’s Darkest Secret )


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New Post

My book, Sugar Valley (Hollywood’s Darkest Secret) has climbed to #11 on the bestsellers list for Thrillers!!!! Thank you all!!!

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(Note to self)
Yesterday I had a bad seizure. Must be the change in weather.

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