Let The Fear In….

Well, my second book is completed, launched, advertised and read. Now onto my third book, which is somewhat finished, I guess, but I still have to revise. It’s amazing how sometimes your soul postpones things against your will, and then finally allows you to complete them, in a different way, with much better results than you could have ever anticipated. I was born to be a writer — I didn’t want to be it; I wanted to be a doctor. Oh yes, a doctor. Which bring me to the closing part that my subconscious wants me to write. Fine!

Fear is a great friend. It’s an emotion that stems from another place – God-like- and directs you ironically away from the place it needs for you to go. Listen to it. I know it sucks that it has to feel that way; but fear is a strong emotion, and it knows that about you.


First One Done- Freedom Getting Closer

th (1)It is done. The first part of my “freedom plan” was to free my books. Scary. So, I bought the rights back from my publisher and republished the first book; Sugar Valley! I’m a free agent! Scary….

Now onto the second. It’s wonderful when I can make the price cheap or free in the start. I mean, when I was published, I was very, very young. And when I saw my book in the Walmart store, back in, hmm, 2002, I was embarrassed that the price tag read $32!!!!

thI remember working so hard to get into Walmart. And when it happened, I did enjoy the moment, but I knew- oh yes- I knew no one in their right mind would fork out $32! Come on, I wouldn’t even fork out that much for a bible! But I went with the motions. Put on a smile, a frozen smile, took photos with it on the Walmart book shelves and just covered up the price with my hand. LMAO!!!! What a journey. I’m sure now the price would be fitting for the Walmart shelves, but one thing at a time. The pieces are coming together. I can feel it in my head. My temples, close to my ears, the pieces are fitting into place; or maybe it’s just an ear ache. LOL.

It’s kind of good, I guess. I don’t think I was ready, at the time, to pitch my second book, “The Wrath of Jeremy” – not really family friendly kind of book. I digress. Oh, I hate people who say that word. I hate people who say “I digress” and people who say, “Question” before they ask the question.

Anyway, first book done and printed and out for all to read and take in and now second on the way so this way I could finally get out the third that I hid from my first publisher; it was legal, they only had dibs on my second work.

God bless Walmart! You’re my boo!!

Take care,


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